Curb Fox 2000



Dimensions: length 100" / 254cm , Width 60" / 153cm
Height: 55" / 140cm, Weight 2000lb / 909kg

Speeds: Operating - Auto up to 40 feet per minute, manual - up to 30 feet per minute

Hydraulics: Main pump rated at 14 gpm. High torque direct-drive motor on front wheel. 12" / 30 cm x 3" / 8 cm cylinders front, left rear and right rear elevation

Controls: Manual hydraulic controls for elevation cylinders. Steering by manual handle or optional hydraulic cylinder. Automatic control of steering, elevation and slope is optional

Engine: 18 hp horizontal shaft, V-twin gas engine, equipped with electronic ignition. Diesel optional

Vibration: Hydraulic motor-in-head with variable control up to 4 gpm with 10,000 vpm maximum

Capabilities: Shapes up to 14" / 35 cm high and 12" / 30 cm wide in the offset position and up to 18" /46 cm wide in center position

Versatility: Slipforms curbs with or without steel reinforcing, free standing sections or adjacent to existing concrete slabs

Wheels And Tires: 20.5" / 52 cm diameter, foam filled, front wheel drive 10" / 25cm diameter rear tires, also faom filled

Capacities: Fuel -10 gallon / 37.85 litre, Hydraulics - 20 gallon / 75.5 litre

Radius: Down to 18" / 46 cm depending on mold size. Location of steel rebar can affect radius capability

For more information on the Curb Fox 2000 & to view the full range of Curb Fox machines Click the link below: 

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