Big Blue Bullfloat Complete GB035

318.00 (Excl. VAT)
Weight: 12.25kg
How many ?


4Ft x 12" Blade C/W Knucklehead and 3 handles.

A blue carbon steel float to provide a super smooth finish. Supplied with a tilt bracket and 3 bullfloat button handles.
These handles clip in to each other and clip in to the tilt bracket on the bullfloat.
By turning the handles to the left or the right will tilt the bullfloat blade

Can also be supplied with a 5Ft Blade call for price on this.


Bull float for sale in Ireland.
Bull floats are usually used on areas too large to reach with a hand float. If screeding is done by hand a magnesium bull float is the best to use, particularly on the air entrained or light weight concrete.

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