FS210 Scarifier

FS210 Scarifier


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VS200 a new machine in 2010 with a combination of innovative technology and experience, with performance tested features and benefits of a robust but simple to operate machine. Suitable for rapid removing scale, rust, paint and other deposits from steel surface and preparation for recoating and will quickly produce an ideal key for or grooved profile on concrete. Also effective for cleaning concrete surfaces. Average dept removed 3mm on concrete.

Choice of power Electric, Petrol, Pneumatic

Heavy duty chassis and handle

Three wheels

heavy duty rear chassis with large wheels for maximum manoverability

Lever height adjustment

Adjustable  handle arrangement with rubber grips

33mm Vacuum tube

Model Power Weight Drum Speed Noise Vibration
VS210.GX160 Honda GX160 59kg 1833 rpm 92 db(A) 10.3 m/s²
VS210.13H100 Vanguard 13H100 59kg 1833 rpm 92 db(A) 10.3 m/s²
VS210.110 3 hp 110/1/50 68kg 1650 rpm 90 db(A) 10.3 m/s²
VS210.240 3 hp 240/1/50 45kg 1528rpm 94 db(A) 10.3 m/s²

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