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Bunnyan Screed


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The Bunyan Striker was the original concrete finishing tool of its kind

A roller screed it levels the concrete by oscillating in the opposite direction to the operators travel.

This screeding machine will produce exceptionally high tolerances.

Being a highly versatile device it is capable for concrete slope work or inclines.

The Bunyan Striker has achieved screeds of over 60 degrees with special equipment.

Tube lengths from 2 meter to 10 meter.

Concrete roller screed for sale in Ireland

The Bunyan Striker was the original concrete finishing tool of it’s kind. It essentially transformed, almost overnight, the manner in which concrete was laid down.

The Striker tube spins in the opposite direction of travel, creating a positive grasp of friction between the concrete and the underside of the tube, effectively cutting surplus material which itself rolls ahead of the tube towards the point of delivery. The action of the tube against the surface produces a kneading effect which in turn consolidates the top mat to an effective depth of some 2″ (5cm). The tube,itself, does not provide any vibration, having a positive effect of leaving the major aggregate close to the surface where it is needed to provide durability

The Bunyan Screed for sale in Ireland

Ancillary compaction with the use of internal poker vibrators is almost always recommended. Movement of the tube along the forms cleans these shutters ensuring that the concrete is always laid to the correct levels. This screeding machine will produce exceptionally high tolerances. It may be used for flatwork and inclined slopes of up to 60 degrees have been successfully achieved. Bespoke applications are a speciality and the Bunyan Striker has been at work on conical treatment tanks, canal ditch irrigation and has been notably employed on the High Speed Rail link currently under construction from Brussels to Amsterdam. Supplied in either petrol(gas) or diesel variants

Concrete screeds for sale in Ireland

The Bunyan striker revolutionized the method in which concrete was levelled with power screeds. Traditionally concrete pours would have used a razorback truss screed to level the concrete surface. Whilst still used for PQ concrete pours typically used on airport concrete jobs, the difficult cleanup task of the power screed and the fact that similar tolerances can be achieved with the Bunyan striker has all but consigned the razorback truss screed to the history books. The unique feature of the Bunyan striker power screed is that it incorporates a spinning tube which effectively cuts the surface of the concrete. Unlike most other concrete tools the Bunyan striker will actually help you to move the concrete, filling in the low spots by pulling excessive material to fill the voids as and where they exist. We recommend utilizing an additional operative with a concrete rake to pull excess material away from the tube when making a pass over the concrete surface. The Bunyan striker is easy to keep clean,; simply jet wash the tube off after the pour if you don’t have access to water spin her’ up in the dirt. simple as that

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